Eastern Fence Lizard? - help

Sarah Crise

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Jun 2, 2019
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Rincon GA
I was in my yard and a little lizard seemed about as curious about me as I was of it so I picked it up. it seemed pretty happy being held but I put it back down and it immediately hid under my shoe (I was sitting crossed-legged) so I picked it back up. I put it in an empty tank I had with plants, water, hiding places and two small crickets. He (maybe a she, IDK) seems pretty happy. Can someone confirm if this is an eastern fence and tell me what else I should do for the lil guy? Thanks!!


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Yeah, fence lizard. Probably my favorite lizard of all time.

Looks like a young male.

If you like seeing him around, just release him in your yard and maybe you will see him often enough to make it a ritual visit.
Agreed, release the little Fence lizard. That is the best you can do for him. That way he can find a mate and make more lizards for you to enjoy outdoors :)

I have plenty here, and they are pretty chill little lizards, but better left in their natural habitat.
As long as you don't make them feel uncomfortable, they will hang around and get amazingly tolerant of the close proximity of humans.

A couple of months ago I was replacing some screening on the vents on the crawlspace of our house and had one that was about elbow distance from me just watching what I was doing. We have a pretty good population of them around here this year and see them sitting on the sides of trees pretty often. They pretty much just ignore us walking by. But we talk to them anyway. :)


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