Bad Guy Craig Martin - proceed with caution

I'm glad that things worked out. That is the most beautiful snake!
I have purchased multiple animals from Craig and 100% wouldn't hesitate to do so a heart beat
I recant my statement from over 2 years ago the guy is a crook and a liar. Proceed with caution
I think the very first thing to ask (as I did on FB) is whether this person, who, as April said, came out of nowhere, even has the proper USARK affiliation to ship retics out of state in the first place. The OP has indicated elsewhere that she does have the membership, as she also shipped the snake.
Either way, one person has both the animal and the money.


Yes I can ship RETICS. Karen new what she as getting. The reason this has
Even come up was because I saw she was selling him . So I contacted hertz see if I could help her out even though it had been some time since she received it.. At that point she wanted to get her money back. I didn't even have to help her at that point. I was being nice. This is the results of being nice.