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Feb 3, 2002
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Well, you just never know what you might find walking out of the front door around here. Never had a chicken around here before, so this is a first. No idea where it may have come from. Curious to see if it is still here tomorrow.

This one hung around most of the day, and Connie, as always, went into the kitchen to find something to feed it. I am surprised she hasn't gone outside to try to run down a black bear to try to offer food to it. That just seems to be her nature.


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This one hung around most of the day, and Connie, as always, went into the kitchen to find something to feed it.
No need, they will happily chow down on the bugs in your yard.

The stable where I board my daughter's retired pony has a ton of chickens and guinea fowl. They don't have a tick problem because the chickens get them all.
I just hope Connie doesn't see this chicken eating "her" lizards. :ack2:

That chicken won't be living around here for long then.
My wife will ask who I was talking to outside. I usually say, opossum, gopher, skunk. I have 1 possum here that somewhat trust's me. He will sit about 6 feet away while I talk to him. Usually gets a couple tomatoes or a cucumber. Careful, those chickens can become like a dog and follow you every where.
Well the chicken hung around for a couple of days. Yesterday it crapped on the porch and Connie wasn't happy about that lack of etiquette from the chicken. I figured I would go out and chase it off the porch, but all it did was to run in the corner, hunker down and act like I hurt it's feelings, sulking. So I left it be, since it didn't seem to want to budge anyway.

I called animal control yesterday evening but they said they couldn't have anyone out here till today. So they showed up around 11am or so, and of course, the chicken was nowhere to be found.

I think it was injured, as it had a patch on the left side that seemed a bit raw.

Possibly a fox got it overnight. If it shows up again the animal control guys said I should grab it and put it in one of my other buildings. Nope, that isn't going to happen. I don't want any chicken crapping in my other buildings, not one little bit. Odd how those guys would think that I had buildings with stuff in it that is completely expendable. Not to mention with LOTS of places a chicken could effectively hide. Sometimes I wonder about people and how they think.
Well, the other day I saw some suspicious looking bone at the end of the driveway when I walked down to check the mailbox. I suspect that chicken is no more.