Bullsnake or Sonoran gopher Mutation

Leif Pettersen

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Aug 24, 2016
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Oakhurst, New Jersey
Hi all,

I am in Pheonix, Arizona currently and I came across some type of either bullsnake or Sonoran gopher(it's hard to tell because of how small this specimen is). This snake has solid black eyes (the pupils are very indistinguishable from the rest of the eyeball) it also has a rather grayscale look to it other than some red on the side of the mouth and top of head. I am thinking it is some kind of ghost or axanthic mutation? Maybe not though which is why I decided to get opinions of others on this forum. Please comment and let me know what you think!
Thank you,
Leif Pettersen

PS all these photos are from my iPhone and have not been edited or filtered


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Hi There, I'm in Tempe AZ right beside PHX as well.

Been keeping Pituophis for 20+ years and 30+ years research in the field in NM.

Anyways, This is a Sonoran Gopher.. You can quote me on that, as for the morph Could be axanthic or another variant but I'm just posting to say yes it's a Sonoran Gopher.

I'm not sure I understand.. Where did you get this, why did they not know the subspecies or morph?

BTW there's a Reptile show coming up in Mesa mid November fyi.
I'd guess an Axanthic or ghost axanthic or anery.. Definitely can't say for sure as I focus on wild locality morphs.

Also, those eyes are not black like the pupil they are definitely distinguishable. There are Hypo White Side morphs that do sport more of a black eye.. I also have found one wild normal that had PITCH black eyes that you cannot see the pupil.. But this guy just has dark eyes
Her instagram name in the picture she posted is valid, someone with instagram please message her and let us know what has happened to the snake please
I found that animal on the outskirts of a golf course in pheonix. Released the animal back into the wild. Looked like an anery sonoran gopher.