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Resident Demon
Resident Demon
Jan 9, 2004
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After having my accident almost 2 years ago (which wasn't my fault and I couldn't walk for over 4 months). The insurance company wanted me to settle for $35,000. After you take out 1/3 for the lawyer and costs he incurred that leaves about $23,000. I still have around $20,000 in outstanding medical bills (roughly). I now also have a car payment since my car was totaled and I had to get new one (used). I didn't have a car payment before this but after my insurance only gave me a little more than a couple grand for my car I now have payments. My leg still isn't completely healed and I can not sit cross legged. I have rod through my femur so I have to carry a card to the airport and still get pat searched, wanded and everything else. Well we will be going to court but I wanted all of you to know what insurance companies are doing and pass it on. Even when you are in an accident where it isn't your fault they will low ball you and drag out the issue in hopes they wear you down and you settle for far less than you are entitled. I have also included a news story from CNN about their practices. Pass this on if you can because chances are you know someone who is going through this right now and you never know if you may have to. If it becomes common knowledge what insurance companies are doing then those who have to go to court maybe more compensated and possibly put the squeeze on insurance companies to do the right thing to begin with.
You're being screwed Mark. Go get 'em!
I feel your pain.

My oldest child was in a devastating car accident as a teenager. She was a gifted athlete and artist, but the accident nearly required an amputation of her left arm. Through sheer tenacity, she healed with about 80% usage of her arm, but so much for that athletic scholarship. Those were some pretty difficult months.

The insurance company wanted to offer her $30,000 which would have covered one of the estimated 5 reconstructive surgeries she needed. I'm sure they never dreamed that offer would be accepted (and it wasn't), but it was the beginning of many many efforts to wear us down.

Good luck...and don't give up!
Thanks Jim and Terese. I guess I'm at a point that I'm stubborn enough to wait them out and make them go through the process. There is a chance I won't get anything but I'll let my peers decide that and not the insurance company.
Insurance is a racket, not a legit business. You pay for something and when it is needed, they weasel their way out any way they can..

Looking at ms_terese's post begs the question: how much do I have to pay you to remove your arm?? Should I ever find myself in that position, I am certain I will ask the "adjuster" that very question. I am also confident that, if there is a price, it would be much higher.

Insurance companies say that the rates are high because people are always suing them. We sue them in order to get the protection and the coverage we paid for. This drags it all out for years.

Funny how states say they are keeping insurance under control. Look at the premiums and payouts. Are they under control? Not at all. If left in my hands, insurance companies would have to pay up or be dismantled.

Ethics? They have none. These companies post record profits every year. Guess what people..... its your money and you are getting nothing in return except the big, rusty screw.

My opinion, for what its worth: When the RICO Act was first made law, the first group of people that should have been arrested would be our elected leaders. The second group, insurance companies.