Aquatic frogs?


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Mar 2, 2004
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I ended up with a 10 gallon tank and accessories, long story. Anyway, common sense would be to stick the aquarium in the garage or maybe sell it. But nooooo, no common sense here. I put it on the kitchen counter and set it up this morning and will let it cycle.

A while back I made a job related hospital visit, many of the Medical Center hospitals here are upscaling their decorations to look less hospitalish so they are less scary particularly for children. I saw a cool aquatic frog in a beautifully decorated tank at an attendant/nurses' station.

So I'm thinking about a frog. I want one that doesn't get huge, and also that can live in unaereated water for several weeks a year when the electricity goes out as hurricanes pass through. I do have one of those battery operated air pumps somewhere in the garage but I don't want to depend on it working the entire time the power is out.

So does anyone have those kinds of frogs, what advice do you have?
So is everyone going to just ignore my heartfelt request for frog advice or what?
Surely someone, somewhere..........................?????
Lucille,you should Google " African clawed frog " I've never owned one but they are cool-looking and the care seems pretty minimal.
I went over to KS and there is plenty of info, but as more than an occasional lurking visit that is unsatisfactory. For one thing, I recognized in the forum there a name which I had seen in the BOI here and who does not have a good reputation, and I just do not want to hang out with such a person.
For another, I'd like to have more participation here in sharing info. The classifieds here are improving and of course everyone comes to visit the BOI, but many people don't seem to venture into the forums much.

You can't make people participate, I realize that, but we have lots of experienced folks come to the site, I would consider it a gift to the community if they would stop off for a few minutes once in a while and give advice to those who ask.
"Here we are, we are Frog 1 and Frog 2, and we are small and cute!!!!"


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I really hope you got the dwarf ones. The regular ACF will outgrow a 10 gal quickly.

Sorry i did not reply sooner been MIA for a few days.

If you did get the dwarfs get a couple more. They do fine in groups and will not grow too big for a 10 gal at all.
Those look like dwarf ones to me. Most pet shops, at least in my experience, carry only albino ACFs. The gray ones, like in your pic, are the dwarf variety. I had some in college, they were very entertaining to watch. Looks like a nice set up you have, what are you using for filtration?

They are dwarfs. I have a small hang-on-back filter. They are now pretty acclimated and seem to be doing well.