Advice on moving geckos to new tank, put new gecko in old tank, clean tank y/n?


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Nov 4, 2004
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Hello everyone
I am going to a reptile show this Saturday and I will probably get another Leo at the show. Currently I have a 15 gallon holding two juvis (3 and 4 months old). I am meeting someone at the show to buy a 45, 40, and 15 gallon tanks.

I want to put my two girls into the 40 gallon, and eventually move my 3rd Leo (permitting if I get another female) into 40 after the quarantine time is up. Can I take the 15 gallon that I currently have set-up for my two girls and move my new Leo into it (so I may quarantine him/her)? My two girls seem extremely healthy, are fat pigs and their pop/eating habits seem very healthy. Do I have to wash everything or will it be fine as it is? So can I go ahead and move the 2 girls into the 40 gallon and the new gecko into their old home? Do you guys quarantine for 30 or 90 days?
here is my 15 gallon

As a rule, I always will disinfect a tank when moving a new reptile into it. But then again, I do my sweater boxes once a week and breeding tanks once every two. My display tanks have a substrate and I spot clean them.

A little bleach water goes a long way....
Also, keep an eye on the moss. I have two stupid geckos that decided to eat theirs. They were eating it on purpose too. Sometimes I don't know what gets into their little heads :shrug01: So, keep an eye out for green turds.
LOL that's nuts. Thankfully i haven't had any issues with the leos eating the moss. All poop seems to be nice and brown. LOL