1.1 Proven Pair of Yellow Ackies. Good price!

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Sep 22, 2004
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Eastern NJ
what I have to offer here is a proven pair of yellow ackies. They make the PERFECT PET MONITOR!! They were pretty much an easy side project, I just kept them fed, and changed their water bowls, and with that little effort, you can produce your own ackies. Don't get me wrong, I handle them too, but they are mainly just a side project. As of now, I am really looking for the money and the cage space(not to mention they are the only herps I have that take crix and roaches, so it's becoming a hassle to make side orders just for them), so I am letting them up for sale. They are very tame, and this is with minimal handling. If you handle them more often, they will become even more friendly, but I don't really see how that's possible as they are already very personable, handlable, and best of all, don't BITE! These make for the perfect pet monitor and breeding project, plus they don't get too big so can pe kept in small enclousers. The pair is currently at around 14-15inches with the female being the larger of the two. They are kept in a semi-small enclouser currently( a low, wide 30 gallon breeder) and only require one flood light for basking and keeping the cage warm. I give them a hot spot of 145, cool side goes down to mid 70's, with an ambient of about 84 air temp. They love to eat, and go crazy over crix and roaches. They are only a bit over two years old, and the female has laid one clutch and is ready for her second one. Just keep them at ideal conditions, and they should breed. You can even cycle them (cooler the temps, etc) and that should get them phyched up for breeding.
So Wether you want the Perfect Pet Monitor, the Perfect Breeding Project, or even Both, then you've came to the right place.
They're priced at insanely low price because I am more enthusiastic about them going to a good home, then making money. I also need the space to breed rodents for some of the bigger stuff.
So they are at 350+shipping(which usaully runs 15-35 pending on location).
Feel free to email me and discuss anything. I will be getting pics soon, but all I can say for now is that they are an awesome pair of ackies and have great colors!
Still trying to get the pics.
Anyone interested??
The Price is Negotiable and am willing to do partial trades for larger sized female rocks(8f+), don't try to go overboard and say how bout a rock and 50 for them because I can personally pick up rocks from 20(hatchlings)-75 sub-adults at herp shows.
So if You have a female that is atleast a year or two of age or atleast 6-8ft, and you can do that plus 200, the ackies are yours.
Also, there is a price drop, but it's as low as I can go. If you're serious about aquiring the pair, I can do 300, but you'll have to act fast. If you have any questions just let me know, and I'll answer them asap.
yellow ackies

I was interested in the ackies and wanted to see if you still have them. Can you tell me what the price would be shipped to zip 41016(northern kentucky)? I was looking at tegus because of their ability to tame down but I just don't have the room for them. I was looking just for one but at the price you are asking it's hard to turn down. Also, can you send me any pics to [email protected]. Thanks, Zack
1.1 Ackies

Do you still have the ackies? If you do, where in Jersey are you located?
The seller has been online recently, and he has another for sale thread that he is posting in recently, just a couple days ago in fact. I dont know why he doesnt come back onto this thread and let us know if they are available or not. I even PM'ed him with no reply. I am guessing they are sold, and thats why he hasnt been paying attention to this thread, but it would be nice if we were told.
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