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    SOLD!! 15 Month Old RADIATED TORTOISE From SB#1876 - FL ONLY

    Offering this beautiful, Madagascar Radiated Tortoise, to qualified & experienced keepers familiar with the species specific husbandry requirements and have the goal of the conservation of the species. You MUST BE a Full Time, Legal, Florida Resident. A clear copy of your current and valid...
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    Wanted Looking For Quality 100% PURE SRI LANKAN STAR TORTOISES

    Looking to ad additional, pure, Sri Lankan Star Tortoises, to my group in, South Florida. Prefer adult or adolescent females, but would consider a nice male. Proven lineage required. Not interested in, Indian Stars, hybrids or, "Iffy Genetics." Thanks In Advance, Jason Abels...
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    SOLD!! Stunning RED FOOT TORTOISE Hatchlings

    I have 7 stunning, South American Red Foot tortoise hatchlings available. They are $100 each and must go to a quality home with an experienced Tort Nerd :-) Shipping is $40. I only ship to continental US addresses. PICK UP IN MIAMI IS AVAILABLE. Jason Abels [email protected]
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    For Sale Well Started 10 Month Old Radiated Tortoise - FL SALES

    Offering this beautiful, well started Madagascar Radiated tortoise to experienced Keepers. This animal turned 10 months old last week and is eating lots of mixed greens, Mazuri LS, Opuntia Cactus, live grasses and hibiscus flowers and leaves as well as freshly picked Mulberry leaves. FLORIDA...
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    For Sale Beautiful, hatchling GALAPAGOS TORTOISES - FL SALES ONLY

    THREE JAY'S TORTOISE SANCTUARY, LLC., is pleased to offer a few absolutly beautiful, captive born, unsexed, Galapagos tortoise hatchlings to select and experienced tortoise keepers and facilities. At this time, Three Jay's can only sell these animals in the State of Florida to legal full time...
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    For Sale 60+ Pound FEMALE LEOPARD TORTOISE 20 Inches

    I am helping a friend sell his massive 20 Inch Female LEOPARD TORTOISE. It weighs over 60 pounds. He is asking $3500 OBO for her and will only sell to a qualified home and Keeper. Contact me for pictures if interested. She is beautiful.
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    11 - 12" Young Virgin SULCATA PAIR - $300

    I have a young pair of African Sulcata tortoises for sale at $300. The female is absolutely beautiful with a light cream colored shell! The male has some pyramiding. These are rescues that we received about 8 months ago. They are eating great on natural grasses and weeds as well as hibiscus...
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    For Sale 13 Inch FEMALE LEOPARD TORTOISE - Egg Layer Size

    A few months ago I received this large female leopard tortoise in a trade and have decided to sell her as we do not work with this species in our breeding projects. She is 11 years old and has some pyramiding and shell defects from being fed the wrong diet by her previous owner. Since in our...