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  1. tandy4000

    Moving to Germany-How do I bring python with me?

    Hi all, I'm going to be moving to Germany at the end of this year for a job, and I want to bring my ball python with me. Anyone know how to do this? All regulations I've seen focus on "furry" animals, almost nothing mentions reptiles. Thanks! Dan
  2. tandy4000

    Smaller Alternatives?

    Hey Y'all, It's been a while since I owned any snakes, but I've been thinking about getting back into the hobby. The last time I owned snakes (about 6 yrs ago), I had 2 kingsnakes and 2 cornsnakes. I want to buy a red tail boa, but I think the adult size is going to be too big for my...
  3. tandy4000

    Blood in tank, unknown source

    Hey, Im taking care of a pair of Thayeri King snakes for a local school over the summer and on Tuesday I notices about 15ml of blood spread out on the paper towels in little spots everywhere, there was no central source. I carefully inspected each snake for a visible injury and found none...
  4. tandy4000

    Rescue Mission, help please

    An acquaintanceof mine recently gave me his cornsnake citing the reason that he could no longer properly care for her. She is just under a year old and i feel that she is very small for her age, i attached a pic just after feeding her an extremely small pinky. Should I increase the frequency...
  5. tandy4000

    Undergraduate Research

    Im going to begin some undergraduate research in the spring and im looking for ideas on topics for research pertaining to snakes. Ive been looking at the properties of various venoms but Im not sure i will have access to venomous snakes. Any ideas are appreciated.
  6. tandy4000

    Frog ID please

    I think that this is a bullfrog, but i'm not sure.
  7. tandy4000

    Wanted: Large python sheds

    I'm looking for large python sheds, 13ft+, preferably in one piece. Just let me know if you have one and what you want for it.
  8. tandy4000

    Large Python Sheds

    I wasn't sure if I should post this as a classified or in a discussion forum, but I decided to post here and test the water. I'm looking for large python sheds, 13ft+, preferably in one piece (I dont own any huge snakes, so I dont know how common complete sheds are). I've never seen a shed for...
  9. tandy4000

    Queen Snake

    Found this guy sunning himself on a branch while I was fishing. I was pretty nervous about my camera considering to take the picture I had to wade out about 3 feet into knee deep water on large irregular rocks. It was worth it though!
  10. tandy4000

    Tail Rattling?

    I experinced a very unique thing today with a baby w/c eastern milksnake. After striking multiple times, it coiled up and rattled its tail! Has anyone else experienced this? I tried to get a pic of the rattling, but he stopped when i got the camera.
  11. tandy4000


    Here's the deal: I was away for a couple of days and it seems that while I was gone, my thayeri kingsnake laid eggs! :?party: They could have been laid anytime in the past four days, and I'm not sure if they will be ok. She did not lay them in the peat moss, I put them there, and a few of...
  12. tandy4000

    Garter/Other snake forums

    I've noticed that the garter and other snake forums get very few new posts on their own. I really started to think afer the moderator of the garter forum (ravensgait?) started to bring more attention to the forum. Now this might be a horrible idea, or it might be a great one, its your...
  13. tandy4000

    Thayeri Price

    I'm planning on selling some baby thayeri's (1-2 months) but I dont know what a fair price for a baby would be. Do prices vary according to the morph? Thanks!
  14. tandy4000

    Looking for snake

    A while ago on fauna I spotted a thread ithat had a picture of a pit viper that was all black and had red eyes, but I can't remember the name of the snake or the thread. Anyone remember? Thanks
  15. tandy4000

    Garter Not Eating

    I've got two WC garters that I picked up last week for a few presentations on herps that I need to do. They haven't eaten at all. I've tried worms and goldfish and rosies but they just ignore them. Because they are native to the area, I've just been keeping them in a sweater box with a hide...
  16. tandy4000

    What does your USER NAME mean?

    I've had this idea for a while and I was reading ladyserpents thread and got modivated to create this one. So, I'll start. Tandy computers made in the late 80's and early 90's. Tandy computers went out of buisness some time ago, but I still have fond memories of them. The Tandy 4000 was my...
  17. tandy4000

    First Snakes of the Year!

    I was out herping today about 4ish with my little brother and we found about 15 garter snakes all together. They all ran under the leaves but I got some good pics. I'm also attaching a pic of some eggs that I found in a vernal pond. Yeah, I know I talked about them in another thread wiht the...
  18. tandy4000

    Chuck Norris

    Go to: Some of them are hilarious :rofl:
  19. tandy4000


    Does anyone know of some traps that are good for catching herps? (unharmed of course). I got one idea from watching the National Geographic channel. It features a couple 5 gallon buckets buried in the ground and a plastic wall running alongside them. Most creatures that run into the plastic...
  20. tandy4000

    Ultimate Frisbee!

    The Ultimate Frisbee season has started :D !! Do any of you guys play? My team lost our first game, 10-15, and our capitan sliced open his foot, but we still have high hopes for our next game.