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  1. David_M_FR

    For Sale CBs Bermuda Giant Tiger Anoles

    Anolis leachii FR CB 2023 unrelated pairs available for shipping next month Wholesale possible (first pic is from google)
  2. David_M_FR

    For Sale Chahoua F2 Pine Island & Mainland dark line

    Shipping to US possible next month 2.2.2 FR CB 2023 Mainland dark line Own selection from old US x CZ lines 3.3.4 FR CB 2023 F2 Pine Island Own line unrelated to anything else more pics insta @davidquiapasinsta
  3. David_M_FR

    For Sale Gargoyle action sale! Incl F1 animals!

    Last chance to organise shipping Only unsexed 2023 left available Lined animals start at 50eu ea F1 reticulated animals start at 100eu ea 10 unsexed 2023 normal colors -> 500eu 10 unsexed 2023 best colors -> 750eu (0.0.5 lined from 2 groups + 0.0.5 F1 reticulated/spotted) 20 unsexed 2023...
  4. David_M_FR

    For Sale Correlophus, Mniarogekko, Rhacodactylus 2023

    Trades welcome, wholesale possible Europe based, shipping to US possible at fair rates, also Asia etc Auriculatus incl F1 reticulated & spotted Chahoua mainland incl dark line Leachianus F2 (Brosse x PI EU lines) Sarasinorum white collared spotted & hets more pics IG@davidquiapasinsta
  5. David_M_FR

    For Sale C. angulifer, E. symmetricus, chahoua, auriculatus, P. carteri

    Available Shipping from september Hamm show Will post pics asap 1.0 Chondrodactylus angulifer FRCB18 F1 South Africa 1.0 Chondrodactylus angulifer FRCB18 Orange line 0.1 Chondrodactylus namibiensis FRCB18 F1 Trade with 1.0 prefered 1.0 Eurydactylodes agricolae DECB18 1.1 Eurydactylodes...
  6. David_M_FR

    For Sale Zebra Skinks T. dichroma group New bloodline!

    Unique opportunity to get totally unrelated animals of the US Switzer line if you want to add gene diversity in your breeding project Group sold, only Japan line holdback pair left available 1.1 Japan line holdbacks FRCB2016 virgins 800USD pair shipped
  7. David_M_FR

    For Sale Leucistic Tokay

    Available! details and full updated list via PM 1.0 Gekko gecko Leucistic Subadult leucistic tokay male Best offer
  8. David_M_FR

    For Sale Various lizards available for Hamm show Germany (Egernia, Xantusia etc)

    Available for Hamm show Germany or pick up in Paris France: 1.0 Anolis evermanni FR CB12 Emerald anole from Porto Rico 1.1 Egernia stokesii zellingi DE CB06 Proven breeders 0.0.1 Gonatodes concinnatus F1 FR CB14 - Reserved Amazon day gecko, new species in the hobby 0.0.1 Mniarogekko chahoua...
  9. David_M_FR

    For Sale Gonatodes concinnatus available for Hamm show Germany

    Collared forest gecko, Gonatodes concinnatus, a diurnal species from Amazonia 2.2 WC13, acclimated thriving pairs 0.0.2 FR CB13, F1, unrelated to the pairs New species in the hobby, serious inquires only please I have a table in Hamm I can't ship the animals by myself, they must be picked...
  10. David_M_FR

    Ptenopus for Hamm show Germany

    Hello all I have the following geckos available for the Hamm show in Germany 1.2 garrulus garrulus WC11 Reds! 3.2 garrulus maculatus CB11-12 F1 Orange form Perfect breeding groups! Serious inquires only please Trades welcome for 0.1 Ouroborus cataphractus and Xantusia henshawi
  11. David_M_FR

    Trade Misc rare anoles and lizards to swap

    I'm looking for new blood of the following species Trade in Paris or in Hamm Germany show (have a table there everytime) 0.1 Anolis cooki CB11 for 0.1 or 1.0 or 0.0.1 1.0 Anolis trinitatis CB11 for 1.0 or 0.0.1 0.1 Anolis vermiculatus breeding for 0.1 0.1 Takydromus toyamai CB11 for 1.0 0.1...