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    Inquiry Amanda DeWitt???

    Anyone have any dealings with Amanda Dewitt of Great Falls Mt.??
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    09 medium pied - male - 674 grams

    Hello, I have a very nice 09 male pied for sell. Has been taking f/t rats for the past year. $1,000 plus shipping. Thanks Steve Pisarchik
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    Good Guy Nathan Wells -

    Hello, Just completed a nice smooth transaction with Nathan. Very professional, good communications and a very nice pair of adult hondos at a very fair price. I highly recommend doing business with Nathan. Steve Pisarchik
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    7' plus male eastern indigo

    I have a 7' plus eastern indigo for sale. One of Dean Allessendrini's 1998 kids. $500 - Ohio sales only The problem is that he has cataracs in both eyes. Does not affect his feeding. Still a fantastic snake at a fantastic price! Email for pictures [email protected]...
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    07 Adult females - Pied & Spider!!!

    I have a few great balls to sell. All are 07's and in great shape. 07 male pastel - $150 07 female spider - $500 07 female pied - $2000 email me for pictures [email protected] No shipping - N.E. Ohio or Western Pa sales only - will possibly meet 1/2 way Cell (234) 542-7746 Thanks Steve
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    Your thoughts on PVC racks?

    I'm checking into a new neonate rack. Looks like PVC is the best deal but is it the best value?? Anyone have bad expierences with PVC racks? If it matters, I'm looking at a 21 tub Iris shoebox rack with back heat. Thanks Steve Pisarchik
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    Inquiry Aaron Monson Inquiry?

    Has anyone dealt with Aaron Monson from Minnesota? Looking at a possible ball python deal and need any info you have. Thanks Steve
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    Wanted: 1.0 Eastern Black Neck Garter

    I have two 08 females and I need a c.b. male. If you have one or know someone who does, please email me at; [email protected] Thanks for your time Steve
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    Looking for 1.1 c.b. melanistic garters

    Hello I'm looking for 1.1 C.B. melanistic garters. If you have any, please contact me at [email protected] Thanks for your time Steve
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    Charles Shanklin inquiry??

    Doing a deal with Charles Shanklin of West Palm Beach Fl. Anyone dealt with him before? I talked to him and he seems to be a good guy but it would be nice to hear that from someone who knows him. Thanks Steve
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    Anyone dealt with Travis Deryke?

    I'm looking at getting a pair of 05 pyros from Travis. Talked to him on the phone and he seems to be a good guy. Just doing a little checking to see if anyone else has dealt with him? Thanks Steve Pisarchik
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    Eric Burkett - Good Guy!

    Just recieved my 07 female pied ball from Eric Burkett of Mass. Great snake from a good guy. Talked to him a lot and he enjoys talking to anyone about snakes. Perfect transaction. Will be buying from him again - as soon as I can save up more money!! Steve Pisarchik
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    Tim Spuckler - Good Guy

    Earlier this year I bought an amel. nelsoni from Tim. I just picked up a fantastic snow honduran from him today. He's a good guy to deal with is very knowledgeable. One of the good guys!! Steve Pisarchik
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    Dr. Bob Herrington in Georgia ??

    Hello Has anyone done business with Dr. Bob Herrington in Georgia? He has a snake that I'd love to get but thought I would see if anyone knows him or has dealt with him. Thanks Steve Pisarchik
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    Simply Natural Dart Frogs - Good expierence

    Just bought 2.1 red eye tree frogs het for black from them. Talked to Marcus several times and he was very very helpful. The whole transaction went well - Will do more business with them. Thanks Steve Pisarchik