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    Wanted Toads-American, fowlers or gulf coast

    I don’t disagree that the law makes it fair for everyone. But I also believe we are overtaxed. Taxed when you make money, taxed when you spend money, taxed when you sell something. Government has their hand in everything and the money doesn’t even stay in the US. 🤣
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    Wanted Toads-American, fowlers or gulf coast

    No problem! You too.
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    Wanted Toads-American, fowlers or gulf coast

    Hold it for up to 3 months or until you enter a business ID. You can pull it out whenever if you just let them take the 25%. After 3 months they just take the 25% and give you the rest if you don’t provide a business ID. If you give the ID it releases instantly. I believe once you enter your...
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    Wanted Toads-American, fowlers or gulf coast

    US law changes now require a 25% withholding for any goods&services transactions unless you enter a valid business ID. Some people probably just want to avoid taxes on transactions. I agree many people use other means to scam, but I personally did not realize the laws changes until I sold...
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    Banner advertising

    Thank you for updating!
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    Banner advertising

    The “6000 people visit this site EVERY DAY” ad. I used desktop yesterday and it’s much smaller and does not prohibit you from using the rest of the webpage on desktop as it does on mobile. I tried to upload a photo of it on the screen, but the file was too large. But on mobile it takes up...
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    Wanted Yacare Diamond Caiman

    Not sure if you've seen it yet, but someone recently posted a female Diamond Caiman on here.
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    Banner advertising

    Is there anything that can be done to help with the new ad banner on the right hand side for mobile users? It pops up on every page, and nothing can be selected in the background without closing the ad on every single page that you click on. I understand the need for the ad, but it is a bit...
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    For Sale 1.1 Proven Red Ackie Monitors

    Sorry, no they’re not.
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    2023&2024 Redfoot Tortoises

    2.75” Carapace $110 each + shipping each. 4.5” Carapace $125 each + shipping each. Can do discounts for multiples. All are siblings, but 2 different clutches. Having trouble uploading photos. Files all say too large. Can send pictures to interested buyers. Open to trades / partial trades for...
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    Radiated tortoises wanted in SC

    No problem! Good luck!
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    Radiated tortoises wanted in SC

    If you join the Turtle and Tortoise Preservation Group (TTPG) on Facebook and become a member there is a chance you could get given with one eventually. They can be donated or gifted across state lines without a CBW, just no commercial activity across state lines. The group will occasionally...
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    Wanted: Asian Box Turtles (Cuora)

    Wanting different species of Cuora. I currently have C. Amboinensis (sulawesi) and C. Flavomarginata. Haven’t seen many available here recently, wondered if anyone had other species available. Thanks!
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    SOLD 0.0.1 Eastern Spinytail Iguana (C. similis)

    Raised as a WC baby still green. She’s around 4 now. Not 100% on sex, never found infertile eggs, but I believe it is a female off of looks. Asking $100+shipping. Open to trades. PM me with any questions.
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    For Sale Utila Island/Bakeri Spinytail Iguanas (Ty Park Line)

    I have 2 probable male Ty Park Line Utila Islands for sale/trade that I have raised since they were roughly 2 months old. Both are hand tame, will let you scratch them, climb on your hand, and hand feed no problem. I’ll attach pictures/videos below and can send additional info or pictures via...
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    For Sale Male Spotted Python

    Male Spotted Python. Should be around 7-8 years old now according to information from last owner. I had plans to breed, but am wanting to make room for other projects. Asking $250 shipped OBO. Open to trades.
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    For Sale 1.1 Proven Red Ackie Monitors

    Proven pair, female lays 1-2 large clutches a year. Last set was 11 eggs clutches have been 8-12 per clutch. They’re roughly 6 years old. They were around 2 when I get them and have had them around 4 years. We’re originally in a 1.3 group that included Rare Earth and Heinrich Lines, but these...
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    For Sale Male Argus Monitor ≈3-3.5’

    Male Argus Monitor ≈3-3.5’ Purchased at Daytona Reptile Expo last year as a female. Has turned out to be a male. Tame, will hand feed and let you scratch under his chin. $500 or trade for female argus monitor, male Cuban or Lewisi, or crocodilians. + shipping or I can deliver to Daytona this...
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    Wanted Buttermilk Racers (Coluber constrictor anthicus)

    Looking to get a pair of Buttermilk Racers if anyone has any available. Adults or babies, does not matter to me. Thanks.
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    For Sale Ctenasaura bakeri, Utila Island Spiny Tail Iguanas.

    $300 + shipping. I have 2 Ty Park Line c. bakeri for sale/trade purchased from Cypress State Reptiles recently at a reptile show. They had them probed for males. Open for trades for unrelated bakeri, ideally female. I can throw in more $$ for a trade if needed.