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    Female Leachie

    Good morning all, I have a virgin female R. leachianus for sale. She is a July 21 animal and ready to meet her long term lover. She is a bit on the feisty side. Possible redhead in a later life. She has not been with any males. She is a NuuAmi X NuuAna xGTA gecko. Willing to part with her...
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    1.1 Virgin Pine Island Chahoua FS

    Male hatched 04/28/2020 Female hatched 06/20/21 Pair is unrelated and ready to go. Eating pangea and dusted crickets. No texting codes no holds and no payment plans. Not really looking for trades unless it in my favor. No separating sold as pair only. Zelle is preferred but can also take...
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    2018 Virgin female pied collection reduction new price

    We are letting go our female pied. She is mid 2018 and never been bred. No idea on weight. But age is right on. She is fed roughly every 3 weeks. Re We are asking 800.00 excepting offers for the pied female Mojave female 600 to 800 grams 18 months old 250.00 Mojave het hypo male producing...
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    Collection for sale

    Long story short not dealing with FWC anymore. 1.1 V. ammodytes ( european long nosed viper) 450.00 each 0.1 M. wagneri (Wagners viper) 500 ea pending 1.0 N. subflva (cameroon forest cobra baby) 450 pending 0.0.1 cotton mouth 50 EDIT...IF YOU WOULD LIKE MORE PHOTOS THERE IS A 20$FEE. THIS...
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    CBB Water monitor

    Produced by ampdexotics beautiful 6month old with missing tail tip. Was born with it. Needs work. Just starting to feed off tongs for me. Price 275 plus shipping
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    Upcoming YouTube interviews.

    Hey everyone. My name is Paul and I'm the host if ForReal. I'm hosting a new series on Youtube filmed with Zoom about our amazing industry. We are talking everything from past to present and even our thoughts on the future. You can follow along with my journey over on the YouTubes...
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    Looking to trade for boas

    1.0 purple motley tiger retic proven male. 4 years 8-9 feet. Looking for albinos motleys hypo jungles or very clean normals.
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    1.1 Albino Granite Burmese pythons

    16-18 months old. Gaining better pattern with every shed. 6-7 feet NOT power fed fatties. They have beautiful pinkish heads. Price is $1,100.00 for the pair plus shipping and box charge. Please feel free to offer but not to low-ball. Not looking to split up at this time.
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    1.0 adult retic purple tiger motley

    1.0 purple tiger motley proven 10feet $750.00 Three eight six 3-02-two zero eight one text
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    Retics for sale

    SOLD A few retics to just thin the heard. I will deliver to South Carolina possibly Columbia for a small fee. Pics to those who are interested. 0.1 purple Golden child 14 feet. $1400 0.1 orange glow tiger citron 7 feet sub adult. $750 0.1 Motley het purple 3 years old 10 feet. $1000...
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    Orange glow retic project. Well started

    These guys are 18 months old. Male orange glow motley citron Female orange glow tiger citron both on xl ft rats. Price 1850 shipped
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    Purple GC males and females and GC het purple males

    As it states we have a few female purple Golden child's and a few Golden's het purple. Can do pairings or singles and discount by quantities. PayPal only. Please be prepared.