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    I’m still putting heavy into an S&P 500 index fund. I did buy NVIDIA when they did a 10x split as well.
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    Insane Salmon Snow Male

    Really quality salmon snow male eating frozen thawed fuzzies and day old quail chicks $175 Thanks-Matt
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    Banana Enchi Clown 600 grams

    Banana Enchi Clown 600 grams eats like a champ $375 plus shipping
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    Harris County Locality Holbrooki Proven Male SOLD

    The prettiest Speckled Kingsnake I have seen. Harris County Locality 2019 Proven Male Eats frozen thawed without hesitation. SOLD!! Shipped Thanks, Matt Text 904-203-3852 Payment Cashapp, Venmo, Zelle or Paypal FF
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    Coral Snow Cornsnakes

    Salmon Snow Cornsnakes all eating ft small pinkies every 5-7 days Female#4 $200 shipped Female #5 $175 shipped Male #2 $125 shipped Male #5 $125 shipped Male #3 $125 shipped These snakes are PINK in person Matthew Coffey-Twin Torch Serpents 904-203-3852
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    Button Quail and Hatching Eggs

    Button Quail have gotten some of my toughest feeders back on track so I started hatching them on my own. They also grow babies 10x faster than pinkies Al ever could. Hatchling button quail are the size of a pinky but have all the bone content that pinkies and fuzzies lack. I am offering...
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    Banana Clown Group RTB $700

    1.0Banana Enchi Clown 2023 0.1 Banana Het Clown 2022 (Bobs Balls) 1.0 Banana Het Clown 2020 0.1 Pastel Clown 2022 $700 local pick up in 32656 Twin Torch Serpents Matt-904-203-3852
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    Apricot Pueblan 23 Sold

    2023 Beautiful Apricot Pueblan Male. Siblings were Halloween phase Eating FT Pinkies every time. Handled often has never bitten or struck Sold plus shipping Local Pick up available as well Matt-904-203-3852
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    Button quail hatching eggs

    Button quail hatching eggs 10 for $15 Local pick up only Keystone heights FL 904-203-3852
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    Banana Clown Group

    1.0 Banana Enchi Clown 2023 0.1 Banana Het Clown 2022 800+ grams 1.0 Banana Het Clown 2020 0.1 Pastel Clown 2022 Price: Make an Offer its Black Friday These are perfect snakes but I am a colubrid guy. These eat live like they've never seen food before but I cannot get them on FT fully...
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    Lavender pos het Hypermelanistic

    Lavender Pos Het Hypermelanistic (Lavender Snow) Male Both Parents were BHB Line Lavender het Lavender Snow Text is Best 904-203-3852 $Sold +Shipping
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    Apricot Pueblan Milksnakes 2.0 $200 shipped

    Two boys left from this clutch. Both have eaten 10+ meals each. Both on Frozen Thawed Pinkies. $100 each plus shipping or both for $200 Shipped (904) 203 3852 (text for quickest response) [email protected]
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    Halloween Female

    Halloween Pueblan female. eats frozen thawed like a champ. Never bites. Very minimal red on this girl. $SOLD+ shipping. local pick up prefered. 904-two zero 3-3852
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    What is everyone investing in this year? A different topic but maybe we can all share some helpful information with each other to better our future and get through the tough time ahead.
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    Feeder Quail 15 for $20

    I have live feeder quail equivalent to the size of small rats. I hatched out too many and these outgrew my snakes before I could dispatch them. Raised inside. local jacksonville/middleburg sale only. Matt- 904-203-3852
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    Toxicodryas Pulverulenta

    Toxicodryas Pulverulenta (Not Boiga, Taxonomic Classifiers have corrected that over 25 years ago)common name Fischers Cat Snake, African Powdery Tree Snake (my preferred). These snakes are usually a gold/yellow/brown to brown/gray with some pink undertones depending on sex. This is pair is a...
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    If you source/have high yellow/bright yellow rat snakes I will buy them in bulk 904-203-3852
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    If you are in the North Florida area and have button quail I will buy large amounts of hatching eggs and birds PM ME
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    PVC enclosures florida

    Is anyone manufacturing PVC enclosures in Florida?
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    Insulation Reptile room

    Has anyone tried to insulate their reptile room with Styrofoam board? The stuff that is cut like plywood in 4X8 sheets. I thought it might be a good Idea to put a square on the inside of the window in the reptile room and even staple gun them up against the interior walls for added insulation...