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    Texas Coral Snake (Established)

    I'm interested if it's still available. You can text me at 216-905-3842.
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    For Sale 2020 Texas Indigo Male

    Super solid 3 year old captive bred male Texas indigo. Should be ready to breed next season. Eating f/t chicks and rodents without issue. Super easy to work with outside of the enclosure. Looking for 2500. MAY consider offers if the ad has been posted for a while.
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    For Sale 3.3 Proven Stellar Cerastes Cerastes

    I'm letting go of 3.3 Stellar proven LTC desert horned vipers, Cerastes Cerastes. Some of the nicest I've ever seen for sure. Also selling an adult female LTC Cerastes Vipera. Looking for 800/pair or 2200 for the lot. 300 for the vipera. 2400 takes all 7 animals. Not really wanting to ship at...
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    Wanted Australian Brown Snakes or other Australian elapids

    I'm very interested in obtaining some of the Australian elapids (excluding death adders). Please message me if you have any available, thank you! Especially interested in Collets, Brown snakes, and a female inland taipan.
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    For Sale 0.0.1 Lowland swamp viper and Rio Fuerte Beaded Lizard

    For sale I have an unsexed baby swamp viper and a CB early 22' Rio Fuerte Beaded Lizard. Both are eating like champs on pinkies. Looking for 500 on the swamp viper and 800 on the beaded, or 1250 for both. Can meet at the Hamburg show this weekend (would need notice by around noon on friday) or...
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    For Sale CBB 3 y/o Male Blacktail Cribo

    I have a 5-5.5 foot male blacktail cribo available. Currently feeding on rodents, but has eaten chicks in the past as well. Pretty friendly and handleable, should be ready to breed next year. Looking for $2000 although offers may be considered. May trade for rare venomous. If interested pm me or...
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    For Sale 1.1 CBB Unrelated Blacktail Cribo Project

    Not sure if I really want to sell, but putting out feelers for serious buyers and Breeders. I have a 3 year old adult pair of unrelated Blacktail indigos available, ready to breed. This is a great opportunity for serious Breeders, and a clutch could easily make > $10,000. I'm putting out feelers...
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    For Sale 1.1 High Yellow Chinese King Ratsnake Pair

    For sale I have a beautiful 3 year old pair of high yellow Chinese king ratsnakes. Ready to breed this year. Asking 2500, open to trades for super rare/cool reptiles. That does not include ball pythons, blood pythons, or boas. Message me or text 216-905-3842 if you're interested.
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    For Sale 1.1 High Yellow Chinese King Ratsnake Pair

    For sale I have a pair of high yellow Chinese king ratsnakes. They are 3 years old (both CBB) and around 5 feet in length each, and ready to breed. Asking $2500 for the pair. Message me or text 216-905-3842 if you're interested.
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    SOLD!! Adult Vietnamese Mossy Frog pair

    Up for sale I have an adult pair of Vietnamese Mossy frogs. These guys are super cool and literally look like a piece of moss. They are very cold tolerant and require no heating. Feel free to message me with any questions. $150 obo for the pair plus shipping or I can meet in the norfolk/Hampton...
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    For Sale Baby Asian Water Monitor

    Baby Asian Water Monitor up for grabs. Eating fuzzy mice and insects currently. Sex is unknown. Believed to be captive bred but cannot confirm, as I did not purchase this animal myself. $200 this weekend only, can meet at the hamburg reptile show.