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    For Sale Albino & Het Albino RES

    I have three turtles I received in a group I bought that I don't need. They were sold to me as Clive Line Albino. All are eating great. I would like to sell as a group as I need the space they are using. $400 Shipped for the group. Selling as un-sexed due to size. Albino 1 - 2" Albino 2...
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    For Sale Sulcata Babies

    Baby Sulcatas are ready to go! I am feeding finely chopped grasses and various greens. Their food is dusted 3-4 times a week with Rep-Cal calcium with D3 and twice a week with Rep-Cal Herptivite. I supplement with Rep-Cal tortoise diet. $100 each Plus Shipping. Email me at...