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  1. ckjacques

    Rough Scaled 2024 Examples

    Love that wild type girl you have, I wish I could get my hands on some of the animals in India.
  2. ckjacques

    Rough Scaled Sand Boa "New Morph"

    Thanks for the interesting story about the wild corns you worked with and diet preference. Very interesting stuff for sure. I am trying a similar approach in animals I work with to hold back only the ones that will accept rodents as their first meals. That cream animal is very interesting, and...
  3. ckjacques

    SOLD!! Aesculapian (Zamenis Longissimus)

    German locale Zamensis Longissimus, CBB in Germany and imported to the US. These females are unrelated to most US stock and would be an excellent addition to any serious breeding group. Frozen/thawed pinkies DOB: June 2023 Females $300 + free shipping (last 2 females available)...
  4. ckjacques

    SOLD!! Tartar Sand Boas European Imports

    Still very rare in US collections, these are unrelated to current US stock. This pair was imported from Europe a little over a month or so ago. They are voraciously feeding on frozen/thawed large pinkies, and would eat until they explode if you let them. Beautiful little guys, both are in shed...
  5. ckjacques

    SOLD!! LTC Proven Male Viper Boa

    Super docile, one of the most handleable viper boas I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. He is extremely tolerant of being out and about, no matter if he was snoozing in the water dish or buried under the substrate. He is an eager breeder who goes right to business after being prepared for...
  6. ckjacques

    For Sale Striped Adult 12% Rufescens

    This adult boy is an amazing, competitive breeder. He is all about the ladies, and he has been a great use in the past getting other males riled up for breeding. He also happens to be a really great, handleable animal who is pretty interactive. His one drawback is that he will only eat live...
  7. ckjacques

    SOLD!! Dodoma male sand boa

    Beautiful reduced pattern Dodoma male, over a year old. He eats frozen/thawed fuzzies like a champ, and will make an excellent addition to any group, whether as an impressive pet or breeder. I am reducing my KSB breeding projects down, which is why I am listing him. Originally produced by Josh...
  8. ckjacques

    For Sale Sunburst Saharan

    I am moving this very high expression, breeding ready Sunburst Saharan sand boa male simply because I have more of them than I need for my project. He's eating frozen/thawed mice off of tongs and doing really well. Established, great demeanor. If you're looking to produce Sunburst Saharans, this...
  9. ckjacques

    For Sale wholesale corns

    I have a group of 10 baby corn snakes that need to go. I'm offering them for $200 + shipping. 8 of them are standard corns with some okeetee influence and various hets, some have cool patterning. 1 albino, and 1 hunt club okeetee. I have run into an issue with space and I need to move them asap...
  10. ckjacques

    SOLD!! CBB Solomon Island Ground Boa

    CBB in the US by a small hobby breeder (not produced by me), I have had him about half a year or so. He is a really sweet little guy with a beautiful, unique pattern. He's eating live small hopper mice every 2 weeks. In another 1+ year he will be ready to breed, just depending on growth rate and...
  11. ckjacques

    For Sale Indonesian Tree Boa

    $250 shipped. This young female is feeding on anoles and fuzzy mice. She's going to be a really amazing looking adult with pink blushing and an unusual pattern. This would be a solid addition to any breeding effort or make a really cool display animal. Indonesian tree boas will utilize the...
  12. ckjacques

    SOLD!! USCBB Saharan Babies (1 left)

    DOB: April 2023 0.2 eating live large pinkies - **only 1 left** $200 includes shipping, no additional charge. These are clean, parasite-free, healthy, fat little babies hatched in my home, from an intentional breeding effort. These are not eggs that were dropped from a fresh import. I have...
  13. ckjacques

    SOLD!! GX Paint Kenyan Sand Boa

    DOB: March 31, 2023 1.0 eating live pinkies $500 shipped. This is a very nice, high expression GX Paint baby with a very beautiful, reduced pattern and clean back. This was the 2nd best male in the litter, absolutely gorgeous animal chowing down on pinkies like a beast. Docile and fat, would...
  14. ckjacques

    For Sale Anery Pair of CRBs

    1.1 pair of anery CRBs on mouse fuzzies, eating like champs. I did not produce these, I acquired them in a trade and I am looking to pass them on to someone else. Asking $700 OBO for the pair. Buyer pays shipping.
  15. ckjacques

    SOLD!! Montgomery County corn pair

    1.1 pair of Montgomery County, NC locale animals. These are CBB from a line that was collected in 2002. Asking $200 for the pair OBO. Buyer pays shipping. First pic female, second pic male.
  16. ckjacques

    SOLD!! Thai Bamboo 1.0 adult

    2019 Zerkle animal, adult and eating f/t. Would make a great breeder or pet. $250 + shipping.
  17. ckjacques

    Wanted LF Mohave Glossy Snakes

    Looking for Arizona elegans candida, Mohave locale glossy snakes.
  18. ckjacques

    Wanted Dark Saharan sand boas

    Looking for wide black patterned and/or particularly dark animals.
  19. ckjacques

    Wanted 0.1 thai bamboo rat

    Looking for a female with clean black lines.
  20. ckjacques

    SOLD!! Hypo het leopard female REDUCED

    This lady is a June 2020 probable super hypo 100% het leopard, 50% het kahl albino with a fantastic pattern. She eats small sized f/t rats and is always looking for more. Great to handle, has never struck at me. I am only parting with her because plans have changed - I am asking for less than I...