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    Rest in Peace Ben Rennick,

    Ben Renick Rest in peace brother. Your contributions to this hobby will never be forgotten. I just wish we had known each other better. Very sad day.
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    For Sale ARS 3033 S.W Michigan

    I have a ARS 3033, w/heat panels ( That I made) Good shape. $1200 picked up here at my home only. Trade for guns, old coins poss.
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    Albino Tegu Genetics

    Does anyone know the genetic characteristics of the blue, and purple albino tegu? Are they separate? How do you get blue albino, and purple from the same clutch? Thanks!
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    Sous Vide!!

    I have to tell people, I got a Gourmia Sous Vide pod for Christmas, You put it on the side of a large pot of water, and it controls the precise temperature of the water, and circulates it. You package some piece of seasoned meat in a vacuum sealer, put it in the pot of water, take it out, brown...
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    For Sale Natures Spirit racks

    Natures Spirit, custom racks. Ordered by a friend (who obviously wasn't) and never picked up. Brand new, will take 32qt or 15qt Sterilite tubs (not included) Back heat, 6mm XPVC, welded and glued, made to stack in 3 stacks of 10 holes each, stacks are 6 feet tall (2, 5 tub units) Base racks...
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    Nice surprise

    About 12 years ago I bought some het. albino females, then an albino male. bred them for a few years and picked up a spider het. male. I kept the first spider albino male and have been producing spider albinos with him for several years. This year I believe I bred him to his mom and produced...
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    For Sale Natures Spirit Incubators

    Our incubators are manufactured from 10mm expanded pvc plastic sheets, thermally welded and formed for great strength. Heavy duty hardware, very lightweight, approx 24"highx24"deepx19"wide. This unit is designed for "shoebox" size tubs, (it can hold up to 12 6qt, or as many as 15, 9 3/4" x 3...
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    For Sale 2013' male Emperor pin

    2013' male Emperor pin lower 48 pastel butter pinstripe male, 2013' and growing fast on live sm. rats. He should breed no problem this fall, he has sperm plugs. Nice big 3 gene male for only $300 plus shipping. We ship reptiles Fed Ex priority overnight, in most instances it will arrive by...
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    For Sale Leopard Butter female, 2014'

    This girl is sweet, eating rat pups every 5-7 days. She is also 100% het. pied. $900 shipped We ship reptiles Fed Ex priority overnight, in most instances it will arrive by 10;30 (some areas can be later, please let us know if you live in such an area and we will have the box held at Fed Ex for...
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    For Sale Banana Mojave Pastel, male. 2014'

    This guy (banana pastel mojave)hatched Sept. eating live hopper mice at this time. Have not switched to rats yet, but he has an aggressive feeding response. What a powerful male to add to your collection. $950 shipped We ship reptiles Fed Ex priority overnight, in most instances it will...
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    Good Guy Brad Boa Reptiles

    I just picked up a couple Bps from Brad Boa Reptiles at the Taylor, Mich. Reptile show, and I have to say how pleased I am with the animals! I have purchased several Bps from Brad over the years, and the quality is always 100%. He and his family are great people, and produce some of the nicest...
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    For Sale Frozen med-jumbo rats, $1 per lb

    We have approx. 150lbs of frozen rats. These are either retired breeders or they got too lg. for my ball pythons. Humanely euthanized (sp?) and frozen immediately. At $1.00 per lb, we are just trying to empty the deep freeze. Available for pick up only here (near Kalamazoo, Mich) or can deliver...
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    Need advice here

    Here's the deal, I want to give someone in Toronto, Canada. a free Ball Python, and someone else who is coming here soon is from Toronto. Can this person take a free Ball Python across the boarder without causing them any difficulties with duties, paperwork, cites etc?.. This is happening...
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    What is an RSVP for?

    I attend a very nice wedding, well planned, a full buffet for all the guests, and open bar, DJ etc... Obviously a very costly event. I was a bit saddened by the fact that many the "reptile friends" who were invited and accepted the invitation did not show up. Now I know emergencies and life...
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    For Sale 2013' females combos

    I have some nice 2013' Spider Combs available. These girls are all eating live walking ratpups weekly. Spider Pastel, BumbleBee, $225 Spider Mojave, $225 Spider Pastel YellowBelly, $375.00 Spider YellowBelly $225.00 Spinnerblast, $375 also Pastave $225 Mystic $200 Nice combo males available as...
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    You ever seen 1 this nice?

    YbxYb = this guy. He is either the nicest yellowbelly I have seen, or a paradox Ivory that is 1% Ivory and 99% paradox. The pairing has produced paradox 3 years in a row. Opinions? Thanx Casey
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    For Sale 2013' Ball Pythons, NEW SALE PRICES!

    I need to empty a few tubs, so you can take 25% off of these prices for a limited time! :thumbsup: All 2013' are eating live rat pups weekly# Weights and pictures are available on request. Shipping is included on purchases of $700 or more, otherwise it is $60 via Fed Ex Priority# Guarantee...
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    For Sale Nice 2013' males

    Males These all hatched here. Eating rat fuzzies and ready to go. BumbleBee $225 Mojave BumbleBee $425 Butter Pastel $250 Pastel Desert $250 Enchi $200 These prices do not include shipping via Fed Ex priority. Contact us and we can work something out and feel free to make offers. Thank...
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    For Sale Bee females, 2013'

    I have some nice Spider Combs available. All are well started, eating live rat crawlers and ready to go. Spider Pastel, BumbleBee, $335 Spider Mojave, $350 Spider Pastel YellowBelly, $600 Spider YellowBelly $350 Order 2 and I will pay shipping via Fed Ex priority Terms are on our site...
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    SOLD!! Leopard Mojave! 2013' male

    This little guy is sharp! Hatched 9/3/10 and doing great. Leo. Pied x Pastave breeding, so he is 100% het. Pied. Has eaten 3 live mice crawlers and is ready to go. Asking $1300 shipped via Fed Ex priority. Other leopard and het. pieds available. Thank you. Casey Sold, Thanx Anthony!