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  1. Michael

    For Sale 1.1 Proven Caramel albino Sumatrans

    We have for sale an unrelated pair of 2017 hatch caramel albino Sumatran short-tailed pythons. We produced the male and received the female as a hatchling from Steve Tillis at the 2017 Tinley NARBC. This pair has produced offspring in 2021 and 2023 as I give her a year off in between clutches...
  2. Michael

    For Sale Nuu Ana and PI leachies - 2023 Hatch

    We have a few 2023 hatch locality Leachianus available. All are eating Pangea breeding and growth formula. We can supply weights, hatch dates, pore pics, and pictures of their parents as they were all hatched here. All are $500 each plus shipping. We ship following Redline Shipping...
  3. Michael

    For Sale Leachies and chahoua

    We have the following New Caledonian geckos available for sale: 2019 0.1 Pine Island leachie 190 grams proven breeder $1,400 2022 0.1 Pine Island leachie 173 grams $2,000 2023 1.0 Nuu Ana leachie 25 grams $700 2023 0.0.1 (probable male) Pine Island leachie 43 grams SOLD 2020 1.0 Pine Island...
  4. Michael

    Fire Calico Clutch

    Hi All, A couple of weeks ago I hatched a clutch from my fire calico and a darker normal female. I was pretty happy with the odds, 1.1 calicos, 1.2 fires and 1.2 fire calicos! All have shed and some have had their first meal. So I thought I'd share a few photos with everyone. First up is a...
  5. Michael

    My Best Clutch Ever!

    Hi Everyone, Longtime reader first time poster! This is my third year breeding ball pythons but this was my first pied clutch. The pairing was a high white female pied and pastel het pied male. Needless to say I'm very happy with the results. I ended up with 1.0 het pied, 1.1 pieds (male...