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    Australian Water dragons

    Australian Water dragons - 4 juveniles available - 2 incubated cool; 2 incubated warm. Wrecking insects daily. $275ea., or all 4 @$1000 + shipping.
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    MISC available rare lizards

    Misc. available lizards: 1.1.0 Cordylus mossambicus – proven pair that produced 2 juveniles late this past summer. $400/pair. 1.2.0 Gallotia g. palmae – “La Palma Canary Island giant lacerta”. 2 years old, ready to breed this spring. $1000/trio. 1.1.0 Anolis baracoae – these are giant...
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    Hemidactylus subtriedrus

    I have 4 juvenile Hemidactylus subtriedrus currently available for $100ea., or all 4 for $400/shipped. Otherwise, shipping is flat-rate $35 guaranteed live arrival anywhere in the US. These get roughly the same size as Hemi. triedrus, and the care is identical. Pic of adult male that...
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    Haemodracon trachyrhinus

    I have 3 Haemodracon trachyrhinus - "Socotran leaf-toed geckos" currently available for $350ea., or all 3 for $900. The largest one is about 65% grown and definite female. The smaller two are juveniles and appear to be a pair. Full care info given to buyer. These are very easy to keep and...
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    BENEFIT SALE: I’m offering up some of my select animals (at discounted rates!) to help a fellow gecko keeper that is a single mom and was recently victimized by thieves who broke in to her car and stole money and possessions. So, this is an effort to help someone who needs help – and the...
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    Blue Phelsuma grandis

    I have a 70% grown male P. grandis that is about 7 inches total length and about 8 months old. He was born with a blue-ish head and with every shed and day passing is getting more and more blue. This male will be 80-90% blue when full-grown, minus the red spots he is currently sporting. This...
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    Chondrodactylus fitzsimonsi

    I have 4 unsexed Chondrodactylus fitzsimonsi currently available for $85ea., or all 4 for $300/shipped.
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    Tinley Park full availability list:

    The following geckos are available for purchase at the Tinley Park NARBC show next weekend. 10% discount on anything paid for before the show. 25% deposit insures your purchase. Please email ([email protected]) for fastest response. 1.1.0 Afroedura africana africana – half-grown pair...
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    Misc. African geckos:

    Here are a few African geckos that I currently have available: 1.1.0 Chondrodactylus fitzsimonsi – sub-adults. $250/pair. 0.0.4+ Chondrodactylus fitzsimonsi - $75ea. 0.0.4+ Chondrodactylus cf. pulitzerae – triangular head, very flat. $100ea. 0.0.2+ Chondrodactylus sp. – Kalahari...
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    Afroedura loveridgei

    ADULT PAIR SOLD! Juv's still available. I've got a few Afroedura loveridgei currently available. These are "Loveridge's flat rock geckos" that live only along the ridges of high mountain ranges in Mozambique. There are very few of these left in captivity, and I've only seen 3 imports of them...
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    Hemidactylus ruspoli

    I've got 5 juveniles currently available that are anywhere from 6-12 weeks old. Eating crickets and growing like weeds. $100ea. Quantity discounts. Flat-rate guaranteed overnight live arrival anywhere in the US - $35. Jon Pics - male and female.
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    Goniurosaurus kuriowae - adult pair.

    I have a proven pair of G. kuriowae currently available that are from a European bloodline. They are $500/shipped. PM or email with any questions. Pics are of female, male nipped her tail earlier this year. Jon
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    SOLD!! WHITE M. chahoua juveniles

    BOTH SOLD! I've got 2 Mniarogecko chahoua juveniles that exhibit a lot of white currently available. The parents are white collared Pine Island from a European bloodline. They are $400/each, or both for $800/shipped. Please PM or email with any questions. Please refer to either specimen by...
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    Rhacodactylus auriculatus - orange male

    I have a young orange R. auriculatus that looks 95% male and is nearly half-grown. He is $200 + $35 for flat rate guaranteed overnight live arrival anywhere in the US. PM or email with questions! Jon
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    Mniarogecko (Rhacodactylus) chahoua female

    I have a 36 gram European bloodline mainland female chahoua currently available for $400 + $35 flat-rate shipping anywhere in the US. PM or email with any questions! Jon
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    Insane red gargoyle

    Title says enough. The pics explain the rest. 39 gram female - already red above and below! Add some very fertile red to your gargoyle project! $650/shipped. Jon
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    Hemidactylus leschenaulti

    I have 4 juvenile "Indian Giant Bark geckos" (Hemidactylus leschenaulti) available for $75ea. + $35 for flat-rate guaranteed overnight live arrival anywhere in the USA. Or, all 4 for $300/shipped. This species has became rather rare in the last few years. These are young, c.b. animals that...
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    1.1 Aristelliger lar

    I've got a half-grown pair of giant Dominican Rep. geckos. These are the largest known geckos in the western hemisphere and get 12-13 inches total length. They can be kept and bred using the same exact husbandry techniques used with Rhacodactylus (temps, terrariums, fruit/insects, etc). This...
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    SOLD!! 1.1 Bayonnaise R. leachianus

    SOLD!!I've got a pair currently available: male 7/12/11; female - 11/7/11. Both are approximately 9-10 inches total length. $1200/shipped for the pair. PHOTOS: male with tape measure; female on corkbark panel. PM or email for more info. Jon
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    Caanawa Rhacodactylus leachianus female

    I've got one surplus young adult female R. leachianus "Caanawa" (Isle K) that is now 3 years old, perfect and ready to breed. Produced by She is $2200/shipped overnight. PM or email with any questions. Jon