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    For Sale Spencer Monitor

    Hi Yes, still available. Thank you Ken
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    For Sale Spencer Monitor * Pet Only *

    I am offering a Spencer Monitor for sale. It’s was sold as a male but I am not 100% sure of sex. Eating rat pups and quail. This animal does has a bump on its back, does not affect him in any way. Because of this it is being sold at a reduced price of $3000 plus shipping. I have pictures and...
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    For Sale CB Tree Monitors

    Hello I am offering the following up for sale,I have raised this girl since she was a baby. She is perfect in every way, no scars, full tail and no missing digits of any kind. She is eating rat pups, baby quail, dubias, grasshoppers. 0.1 - V beccarii - $3500 This pair is wild caught, they...
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    For Sale Spencer Monitor

    I am offering a 8 month old Spencer Monitor (Varanus spenceri) for sale. Perfect in every way, has all toes and full tail. Eating rat pups and Dubia roaches. Selling as unsexed, priced $6500 shipped. Message me for pictures and I have a video as well. Thank you Ken
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    For Sale 72L x 24W x 48H Black PVC Cages

    Hi I am offering (2) brand new 72”L x 24” W x 48”H black PVC cages for sale made by Scale Box. These have a 8” substrate depth on both cages, great, very well made cages. Just too big for my needs. Asking $750 each, local pickup only in the Long Island, New York area. No need to wait with...
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    For Sale Red Baby Wamena Green Tree Python

    I am offering a Red Baby Wamena Green Tree Python for sale, Perfect in every way ! asking $900 shipped Email for pictures of any questions Thank you Ken
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    SOLD!! Australian Frilled Dragons

    Hi, I am offering the following up for sale: .1 - 2 1/2 year old Red Female pure Australian Frilled Dragon - $2500 shipped 1.1 - 1 1/2 year old Australian Frilled Dragons produces by MOC Reptiles - $2000 shipped for the pair Please send me a message with any questions and for pictures...
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    SOLD!! 1.1 young pair of P. sauvagii

    Hi I am Offering a 1.1 young pair of P.sauvagii. They are perfect in every way, Getting nice and fat. THEY ARE SOLD !! Message me with any questions and for pictures Thank you Ken
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    For Sale Zoo Med Cages - 18x18x18 & 18x18x24

    I have the following for sale: These are in great condition, Only used for a short period of time. Local pickup only 3 - 18x18x18 with light hood - $100 each 1 - 18x18x24 with light hood - $125 Email with any questions Thank you Ken
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    SOLD!! 2.1 T+ Albino Red Eyed Tree Frogs

    I am offering a 2.1 group of T+ Albino Red Eyed Tree Frogs for sale. They were produced by Michael Novy. I am asking $240 plus shipping. Please email me for pictures and with any questions. Thank you Ken
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    SOLD!! Vivarium Electronics VE-200

    I have a slightly used Vivarium Electronics VE-200 for sale, perfect condition, Asking $100 shipped. Email with any questions Thank you Ken
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    Wanted Looking for Agalychnis callidryos Morphs ( Red Eyed Tree Frogs )

    I am looking for Agalychnis callidryos Morphs ( Red Eyed Tree Frogs ), Blacks, Xanthics, Axanthics, or any other color morph that you might have to offer. Please provided pictures with pricing in your emails Thank you Ken
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    I am offering a W&Y RADAR female, Please email me for pictures. Here is some information on her: Hatch Date: 7/25/2014 Weight as of 3/27/15: 31 grams Produce by me : W&Y RADAR female paired with a MS Electric RADAR male. Eye Color : Solid Red Eyes Food: Mealworms & Hornworms Price: $300...
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    Wanted W/Y Raptor male

    Looking for a W\Y RAPTOR male at breeding size,Please email me all information with a picture Thank you Ken
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    For Sale ** COLLECTION FOR SALE **

    I am offering the following up for sale, Please email me with any questions. I have a lot of references if needed !! if your interested in something just send me a message and I will get pictures of each over to you ASAP. For those interested in the whole group, $2200 Shipped.You can make that...
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    Wanted Rainwater Albino Enigma

    Hello I am looking for a Rainwater Albino Enigma. if anyone has any available please send me a message with all information like weight, sex, age etc. Pictures would be great too Thank you Ken
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    For Sale 1.1 Brooks Florida Kingsnakes*SPECIAL $425 SHIPPED OBRO*

    I am offering a 1.1 Brooks Florida Kingsnake pair for sale. The male is an Arctic and the female is a Jelly. The Arctic morph is still pretty rare, Odds are 1/64. The pair is priced at $500 SHIPPED ! * SPECIAL $425 SHIPPED OBRO * Arctic male $350 Jelly female $200 Email for pictures, for...
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    For Sale 28qt 6 Tub Economy Style Animal Platics Rack

    I am offering this 28qt 6 Tub Economy Style Black Rack for sale. It is an Animal Plastic Rack, It has heat rope as it's source of heat. Asking $175 and comes with tubs. Email me with any questions, Thanks Ken
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    For Sale 20g Long & 40g Breeder Fish Tanks

    I am offering (5) Brand New Never Used 20g long fish tanks and (5) Brand New Never Used 40g Breeder Fish Tanks, these do not come with tops or stands JUST TANKS. 40g Breeder Tanks $50 each. 20g long Tanks $30 each. Can offer shipping if the whole lot is bought at once, Shipping would be done...
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    For Sale WARE Premium Rabbit + Bunny Barn Hutch

    WARE Premium Rabbit + Bunny Barn Hutch (2) Available Brand New in the Original Box NEVER USED. $180 each Plus Shipping Premium rabbit hutch features in a fashionable outdoor home Full opening roof and slide out floor for quick and simple cleaning Includes built-in nesting box Two level rabbit...