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  1. morph evolution

    SD Retic Wanted

    hello i have some babies weoll established 56.25 ..and 100% het can text me anytime if your still looking.. thanks brian 6262284474
  2. morph evolution

    Trade Ball Pythons Ready To Fly

    we have a list of ball pythons from babies to adults we up for trading..hit me up for thew list and what you have for trade here is what we are looking for at the top of the list cages racks dwarf boas super/dwarf retics colubrids pew pews or boxes of accessories nine or twenty twos location...
  3. morph evolution

    For Sale Adults For Sale

    we have some proven adults that are no longer needed here.all are eating rats of apropiate size.all are 1000% healthy 1.0 Normal 50 1.0 Cinnamion Het Lavender Albino 150 1.0 Axanthic (VPI) Het Gstripe 300 0.1 Mystic Het pied 500 0.1 Leopard 250 0.1 Blackpastel Het Pied 500 0.1 Lemonblast 200...
  4. morph evolution

    Wanted Looking For Pair Pure Corn Island Boas

    looking for a pair cb any leads would be great thanks brian 6262284474
  5. morph evolution

    Good Guy Richard Alan Kensinger Ballistic Morphs

    had a Great Transaction with Rich Just recently..he has top notch animals...he is very easy to work with..i will continue to do bussiness with him any day
  6. morph evolution

    Good Guy Brian M. Watkins Hell Creek Herps

    met up with brian yesterday for a retic we had purchased from him.he is the easyiest guy to work with.. very down to earth..we actually sat down for a about 30 min and talked reptiles..great guy to do bussiness with .
  7. morph evolution

    Good Guy Really great transaction with Steve Bostwick

    had a very good business transaction with steve bostwick from iowa.he was patient and easy to deal with and not to mention some smokin animals.will def be back for more business.
  8. morph evolution

    Inquiry Info on Nacho Ward in San Bernadino?

    i am looking for anyone thats done business with nacho good or bad..any transactions.thanks brian
  9. morph evolution

    pastel and superpastel ybs

    ok guys i did a pastel yellowbelly x pastel is my deliemai have 2 males pastelyb..i think one is a super pastelyb..i am thinking pic 1&2 are pyb and 3&4 are the superpyb?let me know what you guys think..throw up pictures of what you have for ref.
  10. morph evolution

    cinnamon clown and 2 pastel poss het hets post shed

    with much wait and antiapation, my cinnamonclown girl and her 2 pastel poss het clutch mates shed out. it stuns me that the cinnamon gene is so strong that it wpied out the clown pattern on the head.not to mention the 2 pastel boys look pretty good too
  11. morph evolution

    Ghi's Post Shed

    well we finally got our ghi's shed and eating like crazy..decided to take some post picture of them. we produced 1.5 ghi's in one clutch. i am posting 1.3 for now i will be getting more pictures of them later.
  12. morph evolution

    Smokin CinnamonClown Girl

    well i just hatched out this girl.and she is awesome...and fat,one big baby.i bred a pastel het x cinnamon het and the results were good with the bad.but i will take her lots of potential with her in the future. 1 cinnamonclown 2 cinnamon poss hets 2 pastel poss hets 2 bad eggs
  13. morph evolution

    ghi are here finally

    its been one crazy year here...but finally getting around to hatching.our first clutch of ghi's hatched (with the good and the bad)..our results were pretty good. bred a ghi x subsaharan.these babies are fat,fat,fat...but here was the results. 1 ghi (doa) 1 ghi male 5 ghi females 2.2 subsaharan
  14. morph evolution

    sablepinstripe combo?

    whats up guys i was looking for more info and maybe pics of different sablepinstripe combos..if anyone has any other combos with these two morphs please post if you can.
  15. morph evolution

    its about time this boy kicking in

    this boy (ghi) finally is getting the hang of things..more in store for this boy..woooooohoooooo
  16. morph evolution

    Bumblebee or enchibee

    i want some opinions on this one as well.he looks enchibumblebee but want some enchi experience opinions.thanks guys
  17. morph evolution


    hey guys a lil help i am doing a trade and want to find out if she is an enchi or not?she is high yellow but the picture is a lil off..inputs all welcome
  18. morph evolution

    you go boy

    we have been waiting for this boy to kick into gear and tonite is his night.
  19. morph evolution

    2013 breeding under way

    well finally settling in and starting to pair up i got a few good locks,its just a start of three..more to come. pinstripe het albino x albino het axanthic clown poss het pied x het clown pastel yb het ghost x ghost
  20. morph evolution

    i wish i was a ballpython

    you know being a b.p. would be the greatest and here is why can mess up your room and dont have to hear someone telling you to clean it up. get fed by hand. room and board,no paying bills. can have multiple partner and not have to take a shower after wards,never tied...