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  • I noticed that you live in my area and I just put my collection up for sale so if you want to buy or trade let me know. >Here is a link to my ad<
    hello Logan,
    Its Claudia Wood,Cole's wife. We're the ones that got that Lesser male from bill. SO anyways I never transfered your number from my husband's before his deployment,oops. I was needing some advice on my Lesser female,she just wont eat and is dropping weight fast. She has some PTSD cuz of her last rat that got her by her eye cuz after that she seemed overpowered by the sizes and she only ate one mouse after that.There after I tried mice only and now she wont take that at all. So I tried force feeding and she just spat it out before it even got all the way in her mouth. Is there something else I may try?

    Thanks so much,
    Anybody checking Logan out online can contact me for a reference. He has been a pleasure to do business with.
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