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  • Hi there I was wondering if you were planning on getting any stenodactylus in the future. Thanks
    Hello , I was just wondering if you currently had or worked with any Abronia species. I currently work with Graminea and I am trying to expand into other Abronia SSP.
    I believe the animals pictured in your advertisement are Southern toads. Southern toads have pronounce knobs near the rear of their interorbital crests as pictured. Fowler's toads would have parotoid glands in direct contact with their postorbital ridges. You can refer to www.virginiaherpetologicalsociety.com > anaxyrus-bufo.
    Sincerely M. Murphy
    I was just in Florida and stopped in to the shop. What a great place the guys were great and more than willing to take time to just talk to you and show you what they have. I ended up picking up a pair of Angolan Pythons from them and they are in top shape!! Great place and great group of guys! Can't wait to go back!!
    i am looking for a lipstick sunset glow boa female. Yearling or 2 years if possible but i am willing to look at pics. Do you have any available?
    I purchased an adult pastel ball python yesterday which I will be recieving a package at the fedex facility tomorrow morning. However it does say the package is 1 pound. I know for a fact the adult pastel ball python is not 1 pound and can not be in a package 9"X9"X8". When I do pickup this package from FedEx tomorrow and see that it is the wrong snake I ordered what would you like me to do because I would like the snake I have purchased.
    Hey there....my name is Dave.
    I was wondering if you were interested in any trades. I have the folowing:
    Tremper super giant raptor male
    Tremper albino raptor female
    "purple"/Lavender w/ nice pinning (Crested gecko) unsexed
    Normal phase/olive (Crested gecko) unsexed
    dalmation/super female #1 (Crested gecko)
    dalmation/super female #2 (Crested gecko)

    LOOKING FOR DART FROGS AND SUCH..... Please let me know. Thank you.
    Just received my blue tongue skink today! What a beauty!! Thank you for such a nice looking specimen!
    I'm not able to buy an extreme okeetee right now, but I was wondering if they're always that glossy or if that photo was taken right after a shed? I've seen some amazing specimens on Google but I notice they're not all as vibrant as the one you have. :) Thanks!
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