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  • I am looking for some Box Turtle information
    Please feel free to message me
    If you know anyone who are selling them
    Got a pair of pygmy mice from Gary that were in great health and I'm very happy to have! Was good to deal with and had no problems whatsoever! :)
    Awesome seller Fast, Great Service, Great Value. Have ordered Dubia Roaches twice now and had a 0% DOA both times. Thankyou much, I look forward to doing business with you again....
    This gentleman is the real deal. Showed up right on time with a healthy, happy Asian Water Monitor at a low price. He drove all the way to Pittsburgh in the snow to meet me. Courteous and well- read on all things reptile. Monitor is doing great, proven male, named "Cypress". Eats rats, crab, crayfish, and scrambled eggs.
    hey, i was wondering if you would be interested in trading a ackie for female monacled cobra and 30 bucks, she is a 2010 poss het. i know a while back you asked about her, and i would like to move her asap, she is 100% healthy and growing like a weed. thanks brian
    Thanks for the dubias! I tried to give you a good rating, but apparently I'm not allowed to rate people even if I have done business with them :rolleyes:
    i could trade you any of the folowing, tarantulas: mex red knee, giant black and white bird eater, 2 common pink toes, versicolor, obt,
    a 4 foot nicaraguan believed to be a female, mean as hell though
    a 3' cand okettee corn snake, and a goldfish lol
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