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  • Hey angie just had 6 hatch that I wasn't expecting they are as big or bigger than the ones I was going to sell to you. I have a deal set up already 30 a piece so 180 for the lots , make it worth my while to ship them and they are yours. Just remember I still have the clutch with half leathers and who knows what. Just figured I would keep you updated. You know how to get me I will post them in a week for $240 so 180$ to 240 you have a decent range.
    The girl's name is Eleuria, and the by is Ainslie. I love unusual names ant those are both Indian names. :)
    Great keep me updated every so often if you want I would love to see how they develope oh!! what did u name them
    How are the 2 lil' dragons doing for you. How are they liking those dubias. How are the kids liking them as well?
    I'm confused by this thread. I clicked on "unread private messages" and ended up in this thread. Reptilebaby are you directing these messages to me? If yes, I'm sorry you were offended. I literally just joined the fauna classifieds a few days ago. I'm not used to posting on forums. It won't happen again.
    That's what i figured. lol Some people just can't seem to grasp what is meant by a post! They just try to twist it!
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