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  • Hey I purchased these two lizards from you. Both of your lizards you sold me have a disease and were shipped poorly and unprofessionally. Sending half a pair of your pants is beyond unprofessional and cruel to the animals. If you fail to respond I will take further actions with this situation. You should be an adult and take consiquences for your actions. This is unprofessional and unfair to further customers and sellers. If I send in some of these pictures to your state's Animal Welfare board your business would be compromised for animal neglect and cruelty. Thank you for your time.
    I really don't want to give you a bad rating but you need to compromise with me here. I want to get my money back for a pair of bearded dragons you lied about so you need to get me my money so i can get your your poor quality lizards back...
    How are you,hope you are doing well,am Juliana a lovely girl,and i drop at your profile, And i love what i saw there,i beleive we can get aquainted,so if it interests you,pls reach me back here okay for further communications i stop here awaiting your respond.remember Love comes from a pure heart and a good conscience and a sincere faith, Regards,Ms Juliana
    Please contact me direct to my private Email bellow for me to give you my picture and further communications.
    [email protected]
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