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  • Hi Kelli,
    I love the electric bell male you have listed. The colors are amazing!!!!!! How did you get such a vibrant morph.
    Hi Kelli. I just wanted to say thank you for the karma boost. I really appreciate it. Now if only i could figure out how to return the favor. lol. I'm still relatively new to Fauna, so im still trying to find things and figure things out. I hope we can be friends, heavens know i could use a few. :)

    Thanks again,
    Hello Kelli you remeber me? I was on the gecko forum I was Holly12 nice to see you again I hope all is well with you and I hope your holidays was wonderful. :)
    Hi Kelli,
    You posted about my geckos.I cant reply on there for some reason. The geckos are not thin at all,its partly because the angle to catch the top pattern and that they are juviniles in the last two pics which do not have heavy weight due to growing fast. If you look at the heads and tails you will notice that they have plenty of weight on them and show no unhealthy signs. The traits are posted on there.The one is an Aberrant and the other is from my Dark Hypo project,its kinda like a green hypo. It seems to be a polygenic trait. I can send some other pics of the posted geckos if you are interested and of the green dark hypo. Can you please remove the post on my add. That kind of comment should be asked in a pm or addressed if you seen them in person and was trying to warn people. I have many sales and adds and not one BOI or negative comment so I do not want one false claim to spiral out of control or be taken out of context by a potential new customer. thanks,
    Hello. I'm trying to get in contact with people in my area who are into the exotic pet trade/ownership, just to make some friends and contacts and what not.
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