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  • Heres the thing (to answer your question, SamanthaJane130, i am on geckosunlimited, Faunaclassifieds,Geckoforums.net, and geckos unlimited. I have tried all of them out. Fauna is one of my favorites so i frequent it lots cause people really seem to reply more and i haven't had such luck with other forums aut mostly for my Leos, and stuff, and I am DEFINATELY gonna give gorums.net quite a bit bs much. Not saying they are bad...just didn't think they were as busy...and now I realize they are. i also frequent geckoforums.net but thats mostly for my Leos and stuff. As for geckosunlimited, I am DEFINATELY going back on to stay really soon! I was goor that too!nna today and update, but I had to finish a herpetology course i am taking and it took like 4 hrs! haha. Find me on Geckosunlimited and add me tho...please! As for Pangea...they are extremely nice on there...I may try for there too!
    Hi, i saw a post from your friend elizabeth saying you were looking for a nice harly. I have a really nice high contrast blonde for sale. Its about 15 grams, still unsexed but possible male. he has recently started firing up black and it looks great. Makes the cream really pop out!! Let me know if you might be interested.
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