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  • nice to meet you.

    I saw your post on FaunaClassifields and contacted you.
    We are thinking of opening an amphibian shop in Japan that focuses on salamanders.
    So I would like to do business with Mr. Gangemiw.

    If it is possible to do business with Japan, I would like detailed information such as the types of creatures you can provide, photos, prices, etc.
    I would like to mainly trade salamanders and newts.

    I would also like to know the shipping method and remittance address.

    Many thanks from Japan.

    [email protected]
    Dear Gangemiw, I am a big fan. Can I trade two female razorback musk turtles (3 and 4 inches) and a male eastern painted turtle (4 inches) with you? I can drive to meet with you and make up the price difference. Thank you very much.
    this animal being the $999.99 Fly River Turtle. Just realized i was directed away from that page for this message
    Hey, I purchased this animal on your site. Spoke to someone on your IG about changing the shipping address from my work to my home because I forgot about memorial day affecting the ship date when i placed the order. Noticed on the shipping label that was created today that it still looks like its being sent to the original shipping address. If its not too late to fix that, that would be fantastic. Apologize for sending several redundant messages through different mediums, but I'm just hoping someone checks one of them in time. If possible, the updated shipping address should be
    3669 Inagua Ave, North Port, FL 34286 instead of the sarasota address.
    Hio are you shipping wed for thurs this week? Want Male DBT >>> To The door LAG . Ill Place it Now But want to BEAT the Easter Rush Starts Monday. PRASAP TY Much
    Hi are you shipping DBT 's wed for thurs delivery to my door LAG?? PRASAP Ill complete order. NEED a MALE TY
    Not quite 5" Spot-legged Wood turtle was found.. looks to be female? Beauty with incredible appetite!
    I bought a pair of spilotes sulphureus from you a few months ago and am looking for more if you have any or can get any
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