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  • Do not, and I repeat, DO NOT order from G.E. Reptiles. I recently bought four baby ornate uromastyx from G.E. and when I had received the babies in the mail, they were sickly and thin. When I had brought stool samples from each of the four ornate uromastyx babies I ordered from them to the vet, I was informed that each of the babies was RIDDLED with pinworms. After 4 days of owning the four babies, three of them died from the parasites. When I emailed G.E. Reptiles to complain and see how they would try to fix this issue, they ignored me! I've heard that several other people are having issues with G.E. and I cannot tell you enough: WALK AWAY!

    The babies I received were two months old at best! Seeing adult worms in their stool at the vets office means that the newborn uro babies were placed into a dirty tank (presumably housing wild caughts as well) and got infected with the pinworms days after being born. This is such a scummy injustice to not only the customer but to the animals themselves! How many other animals in their care are being subjected to these deplorable conditions?

    G.E. Reptiles made me waste my money and wasted these poor animals lives all for a profit. What a sick joke this company is.
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