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  • I had a question about the incubator I bought around 10 months ago. I believe it was your older style model... Anyways, my house ambient temps range 76-80 and my incubator is set at 74 and has a hard time staying that cool. I keep it on the floor, plenty of air flow. Do you have any suggestions on what I may be doing wrong? Is it not designed to keep it cooler? Thank you! -Sarah
    Wondering if you can help me out in obtaining some antibiotics?
    I know what my snakes need to be treated with and have done the research, but as a single mom do not have enough money for veterinary exams of all my animals and the medication. I have treatment for my female breeder but am trying to find out someone who can help me order fortaz injections for two juveniles and an adult male(ball pythons).

    If you can help me get ceftazidime or have any advice please let me know ASAP!

    I am trying to get all of my non breeders back to 100% healthy and clear any lingering RI's my treatments didn't cover. Have been using diluted iodine/water rinses and some bacitracin for any signs of stomatitis.
    The albino ph pieds hatched on or about 7/28, they are feeding on live mouse hoppers. The parents were dbl het albino/pied x albino. Thanks
    Hey Yankees789 The customer is always right but the owner has the right to refuse service at any time.
    i also ask if he would make sure to send it tomm. or id put a stop pay on the payment but hes yet to answer
    i just ordered a gecko an he said if he had time tom.hed send it.if he didnt id have to wait till next wednesday.custermer is always right
    ya i ordered a gecko today an he said if he dont have time to ship it tom. i got to wait till next tuesday,what a joke.custermer always comes 1st who dont kno thst
    im in new jersey would you happen to have ant cages for sale I am in south jersey actually if so let me know what you have and prices thanks....Rob
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