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  • Hey Dustin I am engaged in some conversations with Will Wohlers (wolhlerswi) to do some trading. Can you tell me more about your deal with him? I don't want to get screwed and it sounds like you had a really bad experience!
    -Joel Reep
    I was only asking if she is sick because I'm interested in her, no offense was meant in the post. If I'm buying a snake I would like to know if it is sick or not, knowing that not everyone will tell you the truth but it never hurts to ask. Thanks.
    No she is NOT sick. Ball pythons do go off feed. It's not out of the norm. At least Im being honest and saying so.
    Hey dustin I saw u picked up that cool looking dinker, you beat me to it lol. Anyways keep me updated Imworking with some crazy crazy looking dinkers myself and other great morphs. Maybe once you prove that little girl genetic we can do some projects or just let me purchase one of those beauties once you prove it out thanks :)...

    Greg Jeffery
    Have a happy and safe 4th of July!!

    I don't have any more cinni's I'll have female black pastels in the fall once eggs drop and hatch but thats as close to cinnamon as i'll be hatching. the geckos I got from you are doing awesome. One of the het raptor females already laid eggs for me, she was bred to a snow enigma het raptor male so hopefully I'll get lucky with dreamsickles.
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