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  • Garrett Smith aka Frogman11 is truely a class act! Wow, you really know how to set the bar huh Garrett? "The 21-
    count indictment charges both defendants with
    conspiracy, smuggling protected tortoises, false
    labeling of wildlife, unlawful sale of wildlife, and
    money laundering. Smith is further charged with
    one count of destruction or removal of property to
    prevent seizure during execution of a search
    This guy is soooooo but hurt about missing out on a sale. While he was asking questions that were in the ad someone bought the animals. Now he is obsessed with me. He's writing on my wall like a crazy man BEWARE DO NOT DEAL WITH HIM
    Patrick has done no wrong. Garrett Smith (aka Frogman11) is the one harassing people. He has left inappropriate BOI feedback on my page as well as several others when we pressed him to return the money he stole. He has also left inappropriate negative karma to everyone who posted in his BOI for completely unrelated posts (e.g. he gave me negative karma on one of my classifieds ads). Avoid doing business with Garrett.
    Lol, you must be lonely and desperate for attention. Garrett Smith aka Frogman11 is a liar, a fraud, and a bully. He likes to front out that he is a hotshot, exotic reptile importer when in reality he is just a try-hard/poser/convicted smuggler who is using stolen monies ($18,000+)to import and sell other animals. If anyone reading this would like to gauge for themselves if Garrett Smith aka Frogman11 is someone who's business you might be interested in please read his own BOI thread here first. http://www.faunaclassifieds.com/forums/showthread.php?t=538607
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