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  • Hello Dennis:
    How can I report fraud and bring the awareness to all the sellers on this forum that even I clear stated that I only accept PayPal only, but some very "Newly registered user" ask if they can pay by "Certified check".

    I been dealing with one of the "buyer" send me a post dated "Certified Check" and #2575 over the amount of the selling price, and want me to "refund" the overpay, and I know this is fraud and I returned the check. And I got a second one today want to pay with certified check even I clearly stated PayPal only.

    I just hope no one will be scam out of a torts and money.

    Best Regards.

    Dennis, I am moving from Denver to Cheyenne Wyoming. How do I change my city. It will not let me change it.
    Hi Dennis,

    Hope that you are well. Can you tell me how to change the prefix of one of adds from, "FOR SALE," to, "SOLD?" Thank you, Jason
    Hi Dennis, Jay Russo here, please take a look at the most recent ad by Jason Chang (Radstar). He has posted pics of a male Planicuda (Flat tailed tortoise) for sale but describes it as a female. I kept a group of planicuda for decades and i am certain the tortoise he is selling is a male. It is this kind of practice that hurts this site.
    Thanks Jay Russo.
    Dennis, i forget my password. I've been logged in for a while and got a new phone. I downloaded Fauna to the phone, but can't log in. How do I reset or retrieve my password? Thank you.
    Hi Dennis, I know I've seen a reptile adoption thread (leopard gecko), but can't seem to find it. Would you have a link. Thank you, Rudy
    Hey Dennis, Just thought you might want to check out this thread on the boa classifieds. California Redtails is running a drawing for some boas. Both California State law and federal law prohibit drawings, lotteries and raffles unless they are for non profit orgs. and meet some rather strict rules. I'm sure you want to keep both Faunaclassifieds and your members out of hot water and I'm pretty sure this "drawing" is illegal.
    Greetings, I'm writing with a slight concern about a recent purchase here on the arboreal boas/pythons page, a yellow amazon tree boa female that I paid for last week and am expecting delivery tomorrow, however I notice the seller has reposted the snake for sale and deleted my comments about having paid for the snake already and there is another person trying to buy the same snake, I've contacted the seller to no avail and I'm not sure how to proceed with this... any advice would be appreciated, thanks!
    Hello, I'm still awaiting activation for my account after about a month. Would like to lost positive feedback for a seller.

    Thanks, Michael

    Someone on Fauna Bearded Dragons section, is saying this ad is a scam. I haven't seem anyone from fauna to confirm this yet, is it??? Thanks, Tamara

    White leather back beadies for sale. $150
    Dennis, my name is Frank Dombrowski. I am trying to contact Thomas Zahn. I bought some cheryheads from him over a year ago. That was just before he moved from N.J. I have since lost his phone #. Where is appropriate to post if anyone knows how to contact him? Thanks 540 522 7419 or [email protected]
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