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  • Could I ask you to please remove your post in regards to: Krystal Doerner, Oakland City, IN - Bad guy. This was my daughter and she is no longer alive. I googled her name and was directed to this post. Your post makes her appear to be a monster and she was anything but that. She had just turned 18 when you posted the post and there was really no need to degrade her because she did not sell even 1 bearded Dragon. She had all her dragons put down. It depressed her so deeply she never attempted to own another dragon for the rest of her life. As far as the comment made by another to your post...Sadly...her coffin has been nailed shut for more than 3 years now. Thank you in advance for removing this post. Her son will grow up and when he does I would hate for him to goole her name and see and read this as I, her mother, did. Thank you kindly for understanding.
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