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  • Have a happy and safe 4th of July!!

    Hey,I just became a contributing member so I can leave you a rating now,I just need to figure out how to do it,lol.
    hey, The one thing I notice right away, is the Mystic is much darker brown, and has blushing that winds up over his back. I think if you have 2 together, you will be able to tell no problem. I posted a couple pics. of my mystic a while back, they are similar, but the diff. is like a butter compared to a mojo
    I may have asked you thins before but here it goes again.If I am looking at 2 snakes side by side and one is a Mojave and one is a Mystic,what will I notice different?
    By the way the Albino male I got from you this summer is now 420grams and the het female is 510grams.I am feeding the once a week on f/t small rats,thanks again for the great sale!
    Hey Casey, this is Susan; I stopped by on Friday and purchased a pastel from you. I have a quick question if you have a second; it's about a spider female I have.
    Casey did you sell the Freedom Breeder rack? If not how much and are you willing
    to ship it?

    Larry Petty (Sunshine State Exotics) here. I just wanted to say that I've hatched 100's of animals in your incubator. I Love it! You're a great guy to work with and have a great product.

    - Larry
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