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  • Seller ended up fully refunding me, it ended up being an misunderstanding and after sorting it out the seller was super eager to fix his mistake. Great seller that i can now trust to be held accountable for mistakes. Not too many sellers like this around anymore. Great guy.
    You asked for a face picture which I sent around 5-6 pictures of the face. You never asked for pics of the tail if you did I would have sent it as I did for the three toads. You yourself mentioned the skin issue your not worried about and I didn’t notice anything wrong since she was eating and active without any issues. And still is You know I was willing to send as many pictures as you asked as I did for the three toad and even for ornate but for the ornate you only asked for face pictures not tail pics. I offered the musk to make you feel better it was a 95 dollar turtle not 70. I offered it without you asking for anything you didn’t ask for a refund or anything I offered it out of the blue to try to make you feel better I’m sorry you weren’t satisfied with your turtle but I noticed on the tortoise forum post you made other people also thought it looked female so I wasn’t alone in that. Hope the best to you and your turtles!!
    You sent me a sick turtle who was wrongfully sexed, yes you sent me pictures but i asked to see pictures of the 2 females you had, which you did send, and i picked the one i wanted, because you said they were both female. I've spent a total of $700 including vet bills and your compensation offer was a $70 musk turtle which i still had to pay shipping for.
    Hey chad I had sent you multiple pics of the exact turtle you purchased I hadn't noticed any issues like septicemia so was surprised when you mentioned it. Plus I was 100% sure it was female but seems I was wrong box turtles can be hard to sex sometimes I offered you a free turtle in return which you refused. I always send pictures requested by buyers and always make sure to mention any issues so if I had seen anything I would have mentioned it.
    Update as of 8/15: Ordered again from this guy, a female ornate box turtle. It arrived alive, however it was visibly unhealthy, with a mild case of septicemia according to vet, and it is a male. So now i am out $800 including vet bills for a turtle that's sick and male.
    Great seller in case anyone is wondering! Ordered a pair of box turtles, the seller sent a TON of pictures and i chose the 2 that i wanted. Seller communicated the whole way, and responded within seconds to any question i had. Shipping was easy, and quick, and the turtles arrived exactly as described. Both of the turtles ate straight out of the box! I couldn't be more pleased, and i highly recommend this guy!
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